One of the longest sand beaches in Oahu running two miles in length and 200-300 feet wide. In the Summer when the ocean is calm, this beach has crystal clear water and beautiful white sand. The area is great for swimming and snorkeling. There is also wonderful tide pools great for collecting shells and observing the wonders of nature. During the Winter months this beach is one of the best for surfing with waves often between fifteen and twenty feet high making it perfect for yearly international surfing competitions.

Services and Amenities

  • Lifeguards
  • Sand and Reef Area
  • Picnic Areas

Be careful of the Sunset Rip, a notorious riptide current off shore. Take caution during the Winter months when waves can reach heights of twenty five feet. From June through September there are incidents of stinging limu (seaweed). Obey all postings and warnings.

Photo Credit: Getty Images | zhuzhu