North Shore Shopping

Shopping… The S. Tanaka Store in Kahuku is a must-stop place if you love bottles and antiques. .

Haleiwa means serious shopping for those who know that the unhurried pace of rural life can conceal vast material treasures. Ask the legions of townies who drive an hour each way just to stock up on wine and clothes at Haleiwa stores. Haleiwa is an eclectic little beach town, with lots of small shops that center around surfing and ocean activities. There is everything from impressive art galleries to a handmade soap factory. You could spend a whole day strolling around this quaint area.

oahu shoppingBelow are our Haleiwa highlights.

Art, Gifts & Crafts– Haleiwa’s shops and galleries display a combination of marine art, watercolors, sculptures, and a plethora of crafts trying to masquerade as fine art. This is the town for gifts, fashions, and surf stuff — mostly casual, despite some very high price tags. Haleiwa Gallery in the North Shore Marketplace displays a lot of local art of the non-marine variety, and it’s a fun place to explore.

If you want more sophisticated shopping, you could drive or take the bus (which goes around the whole island and comes every half-hour) to Ala Moana in Honolulu, or down the eastern coast to the Windward Mall.